Can’t find Couture Table on Facebook?!

That’s right, I’m not on Facebook anymore! For personal reasons, so if you’d like to get updates on my pieces, you can subscribe to the blog! Really, with all the changes going on with that social media outlet, only 1-3 people were actually getting my updates. Plus, I have little kids that need my attention throughout the day, so updating the Couture Table status is virtually impossible. So, instead you’re welcome to follow my blog to see any new designs that I’ve come up with!

Also, did you notice my website is a blog?! What’s going on you ask? I’ve decided to shut down my “sales” website & focus on my blog to inspire my customers with home entertaining ideas, fun foods, decorating and wedding themes. Then, sprinkle a little table jewels in there for your fancy & voila, you kinda get the whole theme of elegant entertaining with Couture Table.

If all that inspires you to shop or custom order your own piece, my “shop” tab will direct you to my lovely Etsy shop! There you can place an order, custom request or simply drool over some of my previously designed pieces.

If you ever need me, my email is Thank you so much for your continued support!

luvs & hugs, Donna